A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

OTZ Food – loved by locals

OTZ Food at Four Mile Beach Plaza in Port Douglas provides a taste sensation for every occasion you can think of.
OTZ is the place for everything culinary, from great espresso coffee and home made cakes
to gourmet meals, to eat here, there, anywhere, or to take home. OTZ food is made fresh daily
on the premises using the finest ingredients.

Opening hours
Monday – Friday from 7:30
Saturday – Sunday from 8:00
Dinner Wednesday – Friday  (seasonal).

Sisters Elizabeth and Karen Fines have brought their homestyle cooking and excellent baked goodies with them from Sydney’s Pool Caffe to a small shopping centre near Four Mile Beach.
Their organic fair trade coffee is the best in Port Douglas, and at breakfast you can drink it with a ham and Heidi gruyere toastie or a smoked salmon bagel with an avalanche of baby capers.
For lunch, try a housemade beef and Guinness pie, a lamb wrap with relish, or what about a generous wedge of roasted tomato, onion and feta tart.
Karen keeps the sweet counter stocked with treats such as pumpkin and ginger cake and monumental, pyramid shaped chockie crackles.

Breakfast Menu

  • $14
    Breakfast trifle, seasonal fruit compote, toasted muesli, yoghurt
  • $16
    Waffles,Fresh blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, raspberry glaze, Vanilla bean ice cream
  • $12
    The one breakfast, 1 egg,1 bacon, 1 tomato, toast
  • $16
    Free- range scrambled eggs. Bacon, roast tomato, toast
  • $19
    Spanish style eggs braised peppers, tomato, chorizo, pork & beef Sausage chilli, poached eggs, sourdough toast
  • $17
    Smashed avocado, Danish fetta, rocket, fresh lemon, ciabatta, EVOO, balsamic reduction
  • $19
    Portobello & field mushroom bruschetta, with shaved Parmesan, truffle oil
  • $18
    Moroccan lamb & pinenut cigars, pea shoots, poached eggs Labneh, vegemite tahini dipping sauce
  • $19
    Brioche roll, fried eggs, bacon, avocado, fresh tomatoes & otz Tomato jam.
  • $20
    Smoked salmon, poached eggs, asparagus & rocket, lime Horseradish hollandaise, milk bread
  • Coffee
    Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Long Black.
  • Regular: $4.00
    Large: $5.00
    Double Shot: $0.70
    Soy: $0.70
    Zymil: $0.70
    Almond: $0.70
  • Teas
  • $5.00
    T2 Teas-Pot – English breakfast, Earl Grey
  • $5.00
    Herbals-peppermint, chamomile, chai, vanilla
  • Hot Chocolate
  • $4.00
    Small Hot chocolate
  • $5.00
    Large Hot Chocolate
  • $5.50
  • Milkshakes
  • $8.00
    Milkshakes-chocolate, strawberry, banana, lime and caramel
  • Extras
    Egg $3.00
    Roasted tomato or English spinach or avocado $4.00
    Mushroom, bacon or sausages $4.50
    Smoked Salmon $ 5.50

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

  • $9
    Sourdough bread, olive oil, hazelnut dukkha
  • $30
    Mezze plate, hummus, green tahini, roasted spiced beetroot relish,Falafel, mushroom kataifi pastry, cauliflower & cumin fritters,Lime yogurt, toasted pita and flatbread-for 2
  • $18
    Salad of pear crispy prosciutto, rocket, roasted walnuts and Marinated goats’ cheese with a truffle honey dressing
  • $22
    Nth Qld spanner crab & tiger prawn taco, guacamole, chipotle
    Mayo, lime
  • $16
    Moroccan lamb pinenut cigars, pea shoots, labneh, beetroot
    Tahini dipping sauce
  • $16
    Free range scrambled eggs, bacon, roast tomato, ciabatta toast
  • $17
    Vietnamese chicken salad; red and green cabbage Vietnamese
    Mint and coriander, nuoc cham dressing
  • $19
    Ocean Trout salad nicoise, green beans, kifler potato, Ligurian
    Olives, egg, tomato, Spanish onion
  • $16
    Pumpkin, prosciutto, goats’ cheese, caramelized onion, basil tart
    & salad
  • $22
    Curry of the day & pappadums, steamed rice and chutney
  • $19
    Spicy Italian meatballs, pappardelle, fresh tomato and basil sauce
    & shaved grana Padano
  • Extras

    Garden salad $7.00
    Green paw paw salad $8.50
    Local organic rocket and shaved grana Padano $10.50
    Ham and cheese sandwich $6.50
    Homemade sausage roll and sauce $7.50
    Spaghetti bolognaise $10.00

Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu

  • $9.50
    Sourdough bread, olive oil, hazelnut dukkha
  • $18
    Jerusalem artichoke soup, spinach & hazelnut pesto: -rolled goats cheese croutons.
  • $22
    Ocean Trout & bulgur tartare, preserved lemon salsa, parsnip chips & toasted walnuts, honey dressing.
  • $18
    Salad of fresh pear, crispy prosciutto rocket goats’ cheese, toasted walnuts. Honey dressing
  • $22
    Sumac seared yellow fin tuna, chickpea cannellini bean stew, rocket salad
  • $22
    Prawn & Nth Qld spanner crab Fattoush with a twist: – Classic Lebanese salad otz style
  • $29
    Ox tail, pumpkin, cinnamon ragoux on pappardelle: – gremolata.
  • $34
    Roasted pork belly, crushed carrot, apple & rhubarb salsa.
  • $34
    Harissa lamb curry, saffron rice, date Lavone pita
  • $35
    Persian Tagine: – Prawns braised in tarnarind herb sauce, preserved lemon cous cous.
  • $19
    Wild Barramundi, organic cream potatoes caper berries, pink peppercorn, roasted garlic lemon sauce.

Take Away Menu

Take Away Menu – Fresh or Frozen

  • Individual
    Family size available on request (min 24hrs notice required)
  • $12.90
    Smoked salmon frittata gf
  • $12.90
    Vegetable frittata gf v
  • $12.90
    Pumpkin, prosciutto, caramelised onion. Goats cheese fresh basil
  • $12.90
    Beetroot, fetta, roast tomato, baby spinach, caramelised onion tart v
  • $12.90
    Chicken, asparagus, mushroom, aged cheddar shallots and fresh thyme tart
  • $14.90
    Spaghetti bolognaise
  • $16.00
    Spinach and fetta pie with fresh tomato and basil sauce v
  • $16.00
    Baked pumpkin risotto gf, v
  • $16.00
    Chicken buritto, sour cream and salsa
  • $16.00
    Beef lasagne
  • $16.90
    Lamb moussaka gf
  • $18.90
    Spicey Italian meatballs
  • Homemade pies
  • $8.50
    Chicken, mushroom and leek
  • $8.50
    Ground beef and veg
  • $8.50
    Lamb rosemary and tomato
  • $8.50
    Chunky beef and Guinness
  • $7.00
    Sausage rolls
  • $6.50
    Veggie curry puffs
  • Garden salad, Sm $8.50 med $12.50 lg $18.00
  • Salads Sm $12.90 med $16.90 lg $22.90
    • Green paw paw salad
    • Quinoa, beetroot, kale, goats cheese, roast tomato
    • Mediterranean pasta salad
    • Classic potato salad
    • Tandoori chicken cous cous salad
    • Vietnamese chicken salad
  • Sm $14.90 med $18.90 lg $24.90
    • Ocean Trout nicoise
    • Mediterranean Tuna pasta
    • Family size salads available (min 24hrs notice)
  • Sweets
    • Selection of cakes, rocky road, biscuits
    • Whole cakes min 24 hrs notice required POA
    • Flourless chocolate
    • Orange and almond
    • Carrot
    • Lemon meringue pie
  • From the freezer selection of
    • Soups
    • Curries
    • Bolognaise
    • Tagines
    • Caccitore
    • Breads
    • Ciabatta
    • Panna cassa
    • Baked bagels
    • Turkish bread
  • gf=gluten free v=vegetarian
  • List Title
    P 4099 3373
    E contact@otzfood.com.au